What’s Around Me?

Connecting users, places to eat, shopping, and events.

Find yourself asking “I wonder What’s around me?”. Let SpotBie answer that question.

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Image of user wondering "what's around me?' SpotBie helps users answer the question of what's around me.

SpotBie connects users to places to eat, shopping, and events. Throughout our web app, you will find tools which help you find places to eat, retail shops, and events around you. By using GPS technology and YELP, SpotBie is able to neatly display data about your surroundings on our user interface. The data is displayed so that our users can understand it easily and thoroughly. Making a wise decision about places to eat, retail shops, and events is easier with SpotBie. Answering the “What’s Around Me?” question has never been this easy!

Food Around Me

Image of girl eating in a restaurant describing the Food Around Me feature that SpotBie provides.

SpotBie helps you answer the question you ask yourself almost every weekend, “What can we eat tonight?”… Quickly you pull up google and type in “food around me“. Luckily SpotBie answers this question by using the world’s best resources to answer such a question. By pulling from YELP, we answer the “food around me” question by displaying places to eat around you neatly in a map. Not only does the “food around me” feature display places to eat in map, but it also displays it in a list which can be sorted by distance, price, ratings, reviews, delivery, eat-in, pick up, and reservations. Get started by visiting our homepage or reading more about the “food around me” feature here.

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Events Near Me & Things to Do Around Me

If you are looking for “things to do around me” then you can easily find them with SpotBie. Events are really fun to attend, especially on weekends. SpotBie not only helps you find places to shop around you, but it also helps you to find the answer to “events near me“. Mainly we offer the answer to “things to do around me” with events and retail shops…oh and also other users. You can find events in our SpotBie map which uses the TicketMaster api to curate and display the best events around town.

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Users attending an event near them after asking themselves "things to do around me".

Shopping Near Me

SpotBie helps you find the answer for “shopping near me” by displaying these retail spots on the map. After you pull categories for shopping around you, then you can tap on a shopping place near you and see more details about it. When you tap on your store to shop, then you can see ratings, reviews, whether the store is open or closed, the place’s address, and the places Yelp page.

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SpotBie helps users answer the "shopping near me" question.

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