Events in South Florida

Events Around in South Florida

Are you looking for “events in South Florida”? Let SpotBie help you find the best events around you. SpotBie uses GPS technology to help you find events near you. We show you “events in South Florida” from TicketMaster and display them neatly in a map sorted by prices and distances from you. With SpotBie, you get to look for “events in South Florida” by choosing the category you feel like vibing to today, tonight, or this week. SpotBie also makes it easier to share events near you with other people through social media or using your devices native sharing functions (text messages, etc.)

SpotBie user interface that helps users answer the question "events near South Florida today".
SpotBie user interface that helps users answer the question "events in South Florida today" specifically showing the Metal category under music.

You will find it exciting that you will not even have to make an account to take advantage of SpotBie’s “events in South Florida today” feature. You can get started now and click on buy tickets to save the date!

Image of SpotBie user interface showing how users can utilize the "events around in South Florida" feature to view where the event is, price ranges and more.
SpotBie interface showing how to use the "events near in South Florida this week" feature to pull up events in the R&B category.