Places to Eat

Are you looking for places to eat? Let SpotBie help you find the best places to eat around you. SpotBie uses GPS technology to help you find places to eat near you. We show you restaurants around you from YELP and display them neatly in a map sorted by the best reviews, prices, distances from you, delivery, reservations, or eat in. With SpotBie, you get to look for restaurants around you by choosing the category you are feeling hungry for that day.

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SpotBie also makes it easier to share your results with other people through social media or using your devices native sharing functions (text messages, etc.) You will find it exciting that you will not even have to make an account to take advantage of SpotBie’s feature. You can get started now and even save restaurants around you as your favorites to visit at later time!

Places to Eat Near Me

Friday night comes by and you are driving around the city with your friend. Sooner or later the question pops up in your head, “I wonder what are some restaurants near me?”. Not to worry! SpotBie easily answers the “Places to Eat Near Me” question with technology that will not leave you disappointed. By pulling from the YELP api, we provide our users with the best “places to eat near me”, rated and reviewed by other users. If you are looking for places to eat nearby click here, and get started. You will start by tapping on the fork icon, choosing a restaurant category, and BLAM! You will get instant results of all the “places to eat near me”.

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Places to Eat Open Near Me

Thanks to YELP, SpotBie is able to show you if restaurants to eat nearby are open or closed. Finding a places to eat nearby when it’s 4:00AM is difficult, but with the SpotBie app you can view this information right away. Of course, it is not the only information about the place you can view. For example, you can view the restaurant’s phone number, price range, distance from you, pictures, and more. Now when you find a restaurant with the “places to eat near me” feature, you will not only see the location, but a whole lot more features. Get started today with “places to eat near me” by visiting our homepage.

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Save Restaurants to Your Favorites & View Categories

If you ever need anymore reasons why to use our awesome platform; here it is: With SpotBie you can save nearby restaurants to your favorites and view them at a later time. Great news is that you don’t even have to be logged in to do so. What’s that? You need another reason why to use our awesome platform? Well… here it is: SpotBie let’s you choose from different categories to browse nearby places to eat. If you are wondering what are the categories we have; Get started by clicking on a city or navigate straight to our homepage to see the restaurant categories available near you.

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Reasons why you should go enjoy “places to eat near me”.

There are many reasons why you should enjoy eating in different restaurants. Truth is that no matter what your budget is, you will find a place that you will enjoy sitting down at and enjoying the morning, noon, afternoon, or evening. One of the reasons why eating out makes you happier is that dining out is an experience. This 2012 study that can be found in the “The Journal of Positive Psychology,” shows that people are happy when they spend money on experiences. [1].

If you want to read more about more reasons why people love dining out I recommend you really read this article.