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Argentinian BBQ is a truly up-and-coming cuisine that’s really getting people’s mouths watering. The combination of uniquely wonderful seasonings and cooking techniques mean that the food is hard to say no to, and restaurants are well and truly taking off!

We’ve done some research on the best Argentinian grills in Miami, so you can be sure to scratch that itch when it inevitably comes up. On top of that, we’ve learned a few interesting things along the way – we’re going to talk about those things too.

What makes Argentinian barbecue unique?

The thing that makes Argentinian BBQ unique is the way that the country first got access to cattle.

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Cows were introduced to the country in the 16th century by the Spanish. There weren’t many at first, as they had to be few creatures, and particularly tough to survive the long sea voyage from Spain. This meant that the cows which made it weren’t great, in terms of beef. They provided milk very well, though, which was nice for a short while.

Argentinians wasted no time in breeding better cows, making use of the import of British Angus and Shorthorn as soon as possible. Over time, tastier cows were bred, and by the eighteenth century, there were around forty million cattle in Argentina! This huge number of cattle meant that beef itself was cheap and plentiful, so any home cook could easily experiment with beef in their home.

However, it was the gauchos (the men who raised the cows) that birthed the traditions of Argentinian Asado. They barbecued beef as a social gathering, and took advantage of the entire animal, making sure to find ways to make even sweetbreads and udder delicious!

The Argentinian people, therefore, had a huge amount of control over every stage of their beef’s life. This meant that they could do everything to ensure that their beef tasted precisely how they wanted it. Before you know it, they’ve got some of the tastiest cattle in the whole world!

What are some tools that gauchos used in making BBQ?

The parrilla is the star of the show when it comes to making Argentinian BBQ. They’re typically made to an exacting standard with heat-reflective bricks that ensure the maximum possible amount of control over the heat used in the cooking process. Coals can be piled high for quickly searing meat, or they can be raked very thinly to ensure that meat cooks for a very long time at a very low temperature.

The other key feature that any good parrilla would have is a way to move the cooking surface closer to or further away from the heat source. This would allow a cook to start off a cook at a very hot temperature (the better to sear) and finish a cook at a lower temperature (the better to gently tenderize the meat). Of course, the final choice is down to the chef, and a practiced asador will surely let you know that likely smacking your hands away from the grill if you dare to come anywhere near.

Interestingly, there aren’t that many other tools used in the process of a great Argentinian BBQ. There are, of course, some cooking implements such as forks that are used to move beef around on the cooking surface in order to position it optimally. Aside from basic utensils, though, a good asador will only need a good parrilla.

Argentinian BBQ is all about maintaining the flavor of the fantastic beef that you’re using, so making sure to do that is an art form. A great parrilla makes that a lot easier, leading to the true legacy of a mouthful of Argentinian food not being the seasoning, but rather being the spectacular beef.

The Best Argentinian Grills In Miami

Fierro Argentine Grill

This wonderful fast-casual grill overs a huge array of different Argentine delicacies on offer. We love everything on the menu, but we’re especially impressed by how fresh and wonderful the meat is! So often, you can tell when a place uses budget options for their grilled meat – not here!

We also adore the fact that the entire restaurant has a really relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere. So often in grills and other fast-eating spots, the environment is chaotic in an unconscious attempt to think as fast-food stores do. That’s certainly not the case at Fierro. The food comes quickly, though you’re encouraged to sit with a beer and enjoy the calm ambiance while your food is cooked.

Learn More about Fierro Argentine Food Here

Rincon Argentino

Rincon Argentino certainly lives up to its name, providing a wonderful Argentinian corner for everyone to go for a hit of the spice, heat, and rich flavors that accompany that wonderful cuisine.

The first thing that you see upon entering Rincon is the asador. An asador is a wonderful traditional grill that is used in Argentina to combine the social and flavor elements of cooking. Different meats of every type will be cooked over the asador, leaving you drooling before you’re even seated.

We really enjoy the fact that this space makes the vast majority of its base ingredients from scratch. For example, everything from their pasta to empanadas is homemade to ensure you get the best quality possible, every single time.

Take a look at our website here

Sabores Argentinos

This is an amazing family-owned restaurant, and as such, you can be sure the food is wonderful too. Every single thing that you will be served is prepared with the utmost care and attention, from the empanadas to the pastries.

Something that we particularly adore about this restaurant is the sheer amount of food that you get for the money that you’re paying. Served on great boards and plates that would feed a small army, you’re under no illusion of whether you’re getting your money’s worth – you definitely are!

Finally, we quickly want to mention that the small size of this restaurant only serves to do it justice. They can focus on the amazing food they’re making without being overwhelmed, and that sense of quality and care truly comes through in the final meal!

Check out the Sabores Argentinos website here

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