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Life Changes as a Vegetarian, Latest Movements, & Vegetarian in Santa Monica

We have put together an article made just for vegetarians. Learn how being a vegetarian can change your life, read about the latest vegetarian movements, and finally get to know the best places to eat vegetarian in Santa Monica.

Life changes as a Vegetarian

There are many ways that your life changes as vegetarian. The number one way that being vegetarian changes your life is through the amount of immunity you might feel in your day-to-day life. We know that sounds a little pseudo-scientific, stick with us.

Image of vegetarian plate used to explain the life changes as a vegetarian.

When you’re a vegetarian, you’re obviously eating a lot more veggies in your diet. This greatly increases the number of vitamins that you’re getting, which positively affects your immune system. The old adage about eating an orange when you have a cold isn’t a joke – vitamin C really helps!

Vitamins in general help with your immune system as well as your general digestive health. An increased amount of veggies can help with colon health, bloating, and even skin health. You’ll likely be surprised at the perks a vegetarian diet can have for you!

Next time you are wondering about the life changes as a vegetarian, remember that there are many, and that a HUGE BOOST to your immune system is one of them!

3 of The Latest Vegetarian Movements in the US

Over time, plant-based eating is skyrocketing in the US. The place where it’s most commonly seen is in restaurants – they only make money if people are eating there, so any restaurant that survives is turning a decent profit!

In 2021, plant-based food sales grew two and a half times faster than between 2018 and 2020 – veganism, vegetarianism, and general plant-based eating are truly on the rise!

Neon sign lighting up the word "GREEN" showing Latest vegetarian movements.
Neon sign lighting up the word “GREEN” showing Latest vegetarian movements.

Domestic plant-based products have seen a similarly astronomical rise, with the plant-based meat market predicted to register a compound growth rate of 18.9% by 2026.

Of the total meat market in the US, two percent was taken up by plant-based options! That might not seem like too much at first glance, but it truly is. Considering the number of people in America, and the amount of food that they eat every single day, that’s a huge number of people – around 6.7 million people!

An extremely recent food movement in the US has been the growth in the vegan egg market. There is a plant-based egg option from JUST that is made from mung beans. Per gram, it needs 83% less land and 98% less water to produce than an egg from a chicken! On top of that, the process emits 93% less carbon dioxide than chicken farming does!

This is the crux of the issue for a number of people – it’s about the environment, not just public health. People are eager to ensure that they do their bit, and if they can eat some tasty food while they’re at it, then they’ll surely be happy.

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Vegetarian in Santa Monica

Vegetarian food is one of the most approachable alternative diets in the modern world – simply cutting down on your meat intake is fairly easy, given that you’re perfectly allowed to keep eating butter and milk.

We’ve done some research to find the best information on vegetarianism that we can find, now here we go!

3 Best Places in Santa Monica To Obtain High-Quality Vegetarian Food

1 – True Food Kitchen

True food kitchen is a fantastic spot that harkens back to the time when food and medicine were one and the same. They believe that a good meal shouldn’t just taste good, but that it should bring something good to your body, too. Whether it heightens your immunity or helps to manage inflammation, their recipes are always spectacular!

We love the fact that they use local, in-season ingredients to cook with. That’s a bar that every restaurant should clear, but so few truly do!

Click here to view their website!

Image of True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica. Places to eat vegetarian in Santa Monica

2 – The Butcher’s Daughter

This is a wonderful spot to take anyone at all, from the most devout vegan to the most intense carnivore. They’ll have an amazing time no matter what they love to eat!

We love that this spot prides itself on its customer service, with waitstaff constantly being referred to as friendly, welcoming, and happy to help however they can. We also love seeing some mushroom calamari on the menu: it’s a personal favorite!

Take a look at their restaurants!

Image of The Butcher's Daughter restaurant. Life as a vegetarian in Santa Monica, places to eat.

3 – Flower Child

This is a wonderful spot that approaches vegetarianism in a great way. Its first question is one of flavor, not one of content – you can add some fish options to salad bowls and the like in this restaurant, and we love that! Despite the fact that it’s not veggie, it shows an appreciation of a varied and complex diet, as well as a varied and complex palette.

Visit one of the Flower Child Locations today

Image of Flower Child vegetarian restaurant website in Santa Monica.

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