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Tacos are a delightful food item that are beloved by many. It’s more difficult to find someone who doesn’t like tacos than someone who does. How can you blame anyone? Tacos are delicious, easy, and always hit the spot. Below you’ll find the origin of tacos, the best places to eat tacos in America along with taco recipes, and finally some hot sauces for your tacos.

Image of man eating taco. Used to depict the origin of tacos.
Photo by Vinícius Caricatte from Pexels

What is the origin of tacos?

If you’re a taco lover like most people, you may be wondering what is the origin of tacos? Did someone invent them? Well, as you may have guessed tacos have been around for a long time and the origin of tacos begins in Mexico.

The original tacos were eaten by ancient Mayans. They were consumed as a way to get enough protein and carbs into the body to provide energy. The Mayans used food that was available in the area like corn tortillas, fish, and even animal innards.

Photo by Hana Brannigan from Pexels. This picture, taken in Mexico City, depicts exactly how beautiful and tasty tacos can be. On the left, you have an assortment of sauces which will make the tacos even tastier. On the right we have our tortilla wrapper delights! And of course, a nice cervezita cannot go wrong!

Once the 1900s hit, Mexicans started moving to the United States and of course, tacos came with them. Tacos were being sold in California from carts and they were instantly loved. 1962 brought along the first Taco Bell restaurant and the rest is history.

Tacos have now evolved to include international flavors like bulgogi beef or even sushi tacos. Although tacos are still considered a Mexican food, they are eaten by many people from many different cultures.

Hopefully this has given you a little more perspective on the origin of tacos. If you still have questions or want to do a little more research on these tortilla wrapped delights, I suggest you read more on the origin of tacos here:

What are the three places to eat tacos?

Before you move on, I suggest you give SpotBie a try! SpotBie let’s you find place to eat around you at the tap of a button. SpotBie brings you the best places to eat tacos within your proximity.

Image of SpotBie UI listing the best places to eat tacos near the user.
Image of SpotBie UI listing the best places to eat tacos near the user.

Finding places to eat tacos can be tricky. There are many taco shops around the US, but not all of them offer tasty and fresh ingredients. Here are some top spots that will make you hop in your car and head there immediately.

  1. Veracruz All Natural

This spot features all natural (like the name states) Mexican food that is also authentic. Headed by two sisters who grew up learning about cooking Mexican food from their mother and grandmother. You’ll be able to taste the love in the food here.

There are multiple locations for this restaurant. Some spots serve food directly out of food trucks and some locations have a sit-down restaurant. Either way, you’ll encounter a more casual environment that is reminiscent of California – in Texas. This is ideal for people who want healthier taco options and there are even vegan offerings.

Check out the multiple Texas locations for Veracruz All Natural. When you stop at any of the locations, grab some migas tacos for a yummy meal.

  1. Nuestro Mexico Restaurant

This restaurant located in Bakersfield, California yields rave reviews online. Walking into the restaurant, expect to experience Mexican food in an elevated way. You’ll still be able to enjoy delicious typical Mexican dishes, but with fresh ingredients and beautiful plating.

Try the plaintain tacos here for a different take on typical taco filling.

  1. Taco Mamacita

You’ll find this spot located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Everything here is made from scratch and fresh. There’s nothing better than eating at a restaurant with fresh ingredients. There are even vegan, gluten free, and vegetarian options.

If you’re looking for a spot with a more relaxed atmosphere – think bar and grill, this is the spot to visit. The tacos here combine flavors from around the world. Enjoy a jerk chicken taco or even a taco with sloppy joe’s inside.

Give me some taco recipes!

If you can’t get to the above taco restaurants – understandably as they are in different states – you can of course make your own tacos at home. Here are some of the tastiest and most popular taco recipes for you to cook.

  1. Best Homemade Tacos

Craving ground beef tacos, but want more of a homemade flavor? This is an excellent recipe for you. You’ll be mixing up your own spice blend to add to the ground beef as your cooking. This allows you to adjust how much spice you want in there.

Plus, the recipe is super quick – 20 minutes total – so you can prep and eat these tacos quickly. Tomato sauce adds an extra oomph to this recipe that will have you reaching for two, three, or even four tacos. They’re also only 129 calories each so you can eat a few at a time.

  1. Mexican Street Tacos

Mexican street tacos are the tastiest kind of tacos you will ever eat. It can be difficult to find a good Mexican street taco spot – especially in certain areas. Grab yourself some soy sauce, lime juice, canola oil, fresh garlic, chili powder, cumin, oregano, skirt steak, flour tortillas, red onion, fresh cilantro, and lime wedges and you’re good to go.

The saltiness from the soy sauce and tanginess from the lime compliment the skirt steak and spices incredibly well. This mouth watering recipe is also easy to make – taking only 15 minutes for cook time. The longest part of the recipe is when you’re waiting for the steak to marinate. The wait is worth it though!

  1. Easy 20 Minute Chicken Tacos

This taco recipe is excellent if you’re in a time crunch. For the main portion of the meal, you’ll need chicken thighs, garlic, lime juice, olive oil, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt, paprika, and corn or flour tortillas.

You will need to cook the chicken in a pan with the spices and oil. Once cooked through, dice into chunks, and assemble in the tortillas. Create your own pico de gallo salsa to add on top. You’re left with an incredibly tasty, healthy, and easy chicken taco recipe that you’ll want to make every night of the week.

Orale! What are some hot sauces that I can add to my tacos?!?!

There are many available hot sauces out there. You can find them ranging from mild to extra hot. The below options are the best hot sauces that you can add to your tacos. Because tacos need that extra bit of heat.

  1. Valentina

Many people love Valentina hot sauce and for good reason. This hot sauce adds a traditional flavor to tacos that other hot sauces lack. You can find this sauce in most grocery stores and in mild heat to extra hot.

Valentina adds a slightly sweet, vinegar taste to tacos. It’s also thicker than many other hot sauces.

  1. Cholula

Cholula is also one of the best hot sauces that you can grab for your tacos. If you’ve ever been to Ihop or Cracker Barrel, you’ll be familiar with this hot sauce. It’s most often served at restaurants for customers to use.

This hot sauce has a mid-amount of heat to it. It comes in multiple flavors like chili garlic and sweet habanero. The original flavor is reminiscent of Valentina, though you can taste the chili more. Expect a tangy hot sauce.

  1. Tapatio

This is a great hot sauce if you want a small amount of heat. Or, if you’re just trying out hot sauces. Tapatio tends to run on the milder side, with just a hint of spiciness.

You can add a lot of this hot sauce to your tacos and not feel a ton of heat. This is a thinner hot sauce and it has a garlicky and vinegary taste. It does not come in multiple heat levels so you’ll just need to increase the amount to your desired heat level.

Find Places to Eat Tacos with SpotBie

SpotBie allows you to find places to eat tacos at the touch of a button. Now that you know the origin of tacos, and have a bright idea of how good these tortilla wrapped delights can taste, give SpotBie a try. Read more about the SpotBie places to eat feature here.

Image of SpotBie UI listing the best places to eat tacos near the user.
Image of SpotBie UI listing the best places to eat tacos near the user.

Well now that you know more about the origin of Tacos, along with some good taco recipes, and some hot sauces for your tacos… you are more than ready to hit the streets and get to making tacos (or buying them) . Remember these tortilla wrapped delights have the ability to brighten up anybody’s day!