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All About Pizza – Places to Eat Pizza, Our favorites and a brief History

Here at SpotBie, we have put together a list of three astounding places to eat

These are some places to eat Pizza that stand out from the rest. If you are in Miami, New York City, or Santa Monica… and you are a dough lover, then you will definitely have to check these out.

Image of pizza depicting Great places to eat pizza in the United States.
Image by joshuemd from Pixabay

Mister O1 – Miami

This is a wonderfully unconventional spot – within an office building and serving strange-looking and sounding pizzas, Mister O1 serves the best pizza in Miami.

The crust is perfectly thin while also being wonderfully crunchy. The toppings, though, get a little odd! One of their pizzas, the coffee paolo, has mozzarella, gorgonzola, honey, coffee, and spicy salami – it’s an unusual combination but a winning one to be sure!

We love that this pizza place takes such an unconventional approach to things – making strange and wonderful pizzas all day, every day!

Image of MisterO1's website showing you a great place to eat Pizza in Miami
Screenshot from Mistero1’s Website. With multiple locations to eat pizza in Miami, Mister O1 makes a good experience for locals and tourists.

Read more about The Delicious Pizzas from Mister O1 Here

Lucali – New York City

Lucali is such a wonderful spot that entering makes you feel a little bit like you’re entering a church dedicated to worshipping pizza, and all that makes it a wonderful food. This is enhanced by the wood-fired oven and the fact that the dough is rolled with empty wine bottles – the vibe of the place is truly unparalleled.

The dough itself is wonderfully soft and crunchy and is only second to the masterful tomato sauce – sweet, tangy, and good enough that you want to pour it into your mouth with a ladle.

We adore that this place embraces how good pizza can be when made simply and traditionally, and we cannot wait to try this place again when we’re next in NYC.

If you want to learn more about the unique pizza from Lucali’s, click here.

Image of Lucali's website showing you a great place to eat Pizza in New York City
Above you can see a screenshot of Lucali’s Website. Go visit them at New York City and eat some delicious Pizza

Stella Barra – Santa Monica, California

Stella Barra is a wonderful spot where you can embrace pizza traditions while also getting some amazing sides and desserts. The pizza is always wonderfully fresh and flavorful – with the sauce singing with flavor and delightfully powerful.

We love that this ingredient isn’t afraid to say that it stands on the back of fresh ingredients and great chefs, who work away to make some of the most amazing pizza in the US. Next time you’re there, try out a few of the crust dipping sauces – they’re utterly amazing!

Pizza is a wonderful dish that has truly captured the hearts and minds of the entire world. It’s so good, in fact, that we’d have it for every meal.

We wanted to track down some interesting information about pizza, and we’d done a great job. Look no further, this is where you’ll hear everything you need to know about the sacred dough.

If you are in the Sanata Monica area, go give Stell Barra’s Pizza a try.

Image of Stella Barra's website showing you a great place to eat Pizza in Santa Monica
Screenshot of Stella Barra’s Website. If you are in Santa Monica, make sure you give Stella Barra a visit and fill yourselves up with some of the most delicious Pizza in the area.

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People’s Favorite Pizza

People absolutely love pizza, but there’s always been a lot of disagreements about what the best toppings might be. Even today, there’s contention, though mostly around sweeter toppings like pineapple or honey.

There are some pizzas that stand out from the crowd, however, and we’ve tracked down the top three most popular pizzas in the US.

1 – Pepperoni

Pepperoni pizza is beloved right across the US because of its simple flavor and a wonderful balance between bassy sausage and spicy peppers. Peppers are actually where pepperoni sausage gets its name – the word ‘peperoni’ means large pepper in Italian.

Pepperoni is usually made from a mixture of pork, beef, and spices, like a number of Italian sausages and meatballs. Typically, beef pepperoni is most popular, but there are a number of different methods of preparation.

One thing’s for sure – the smoky, spicy pepperoni isn’t going anywhere!

2 – New York Style

New York-style pizza is much thinner than other pizzas that you might find around the US – it’s an evolution of the very thin and crispy Neapolitan pizzas brought to America by Italian immigrants.

A defining characteristic is that the pieces are so large and wide that though the crust is crispy, they typically must be folded to be eaten more easily. Traditionally, the toppings are some mozzarella and a heavily seasoned tomato sauce.

This is a US favorite because it’s so simple, and in that simplicity, it’s easy to make the food amazing! New York-style pizzas can be utterly delicious, as well as not taking long to cook, and being very affordable.

3 – Sicilian

Sicilian pizza is a little less conventional than our previous two entrants into the list, but it is a wonderful dish. Primarily popular in the north-eastern US, the pizza is typically rectangular, with a thick base. Usually, the cheese is placed onto the base before the sauce, making the pizza different from other options around the country.

This pizza is popular because it’s such wonderful comfort food. The thick dough, rich sauce, and red-hot cheese make for a mouthful of some of the most wonderful flavors in the world. People absolutely love it, and it’s easy to see why.

The History of Pizza

Pizza is a natural evolution of something that almost all cultures share an adoration of: great bread. Historians generally believe that the main precursor to pizza was focaccia, which is a soft, fluffy flatbread typically cooked with plenty of olive oil and garlic.

In the 18th or early 19th century, pizza was born in Naples. A story (which is tricky to confirm) is often told which recounts that Raffaele Esposito created the Pizza Margherita to honor the Queen consort of Italy – Margherita of Savoy. This pizza had tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil to represent the Italian flag’s red, white, and green.

While this is likely the origin of pizza, the truth is that a number of cultures around the world (put particularly nearby Naples) developed pizza-like dishes at once. The Pizza Margherita, though, is the most similar to modern pizza.

How Pizza Came To The US

Pizza first came to the US in the late 19th century with the arrival of large swatches of Italian immigrants. Many immigrants opened up stores that sold Neapolitan pizza, or things very similar to it. For a long time, these pizza places only served Italian immigrants and their descendants – Italians were simply the only people that really ate pizza.

In the 1940s, a number of Americans were stationed in Italy during the second world war. While there, they got a taste for the quintessentially Italian food, and this created a demand for it when they returned home. Over the coming years, pizza exploded in popularity!

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